Horseback Riding Level Program

A systematic progression of skills to ensure safety and competence.

Riders are recognized for completing each level.

Avalon Riding Levels

We have assigned levels of accomplishment to our riding program. For fun, and because we like medieval things, we have titled the riding levels after special medieval names for types of horses.

Riding LevelDescription – “Show level”

SumpterPack Horse – New Beginner

RouncyCommon Horse - Beginner

DraughtPlough horse – Beginner Canter

Palfrey - Traveling Horse – Advanced Beginner

Courser - Hunting Horse – Junior

Charger - War Horse - Senior

Destrier - Knight’s Great Horse - Open

On general principles, skills are introduced as riders are ready, though as a rule of thumb, a rider should have mastered about ½ of the skills at one level before undertaking skills from the next level. There are several cases where specific skills must be mastered before beginning to learn a specific new skill.

Unless otherwise specified, trot and jog are considered the same gait, as are canter and lope. Items marked with an E, are general English tasks, J for those who jump. Items marked with a W are specifically Western.

Mounted skills should be demonstrated on a variety of horses for each level.