A few of our favorite things!

Organizations we love

Dressage 4 Kids - an educational equestrian development organization!

4-H -America's largest youth development organization.  

High Hopes 4-H Club - the 4-H club that meets at Avalon

Interesting Information

Cool video on Helmet testing at Virginia Tech!

Health Benefits of Riding - Horse & Rider Magazine

Concussions: Signs, Symptoms, and Helmet Safety informative video.  Sponsored by Charles Owen and USEF.

Helmet Safety for Mental Health article from USEF and Charles Owen.

Local Farm Friends

Murmuration Farm - Pasture-raised pork, free-range chickens and ducks, fresh eggs, Auntie M’s dog treats (freeze dried and baked) 

New Promise Farm - We have a small, family operated farm raising free-range and pastured chicken, heritage breed lamb, heirloom vegetables, and bees. We practice natural, time honored practices and seek to avoid chemicals and antibiotics.

We offer pasture chicken, eggs, honey and vegetables.

Nonconformist Farm - Kristin, Tristan and a bunch of critters on a small farm in Westford, Vermont. Experimenting, striving for sustainability.  Offering care for your animals and home/garden, fiber products, eggs, and education.

Holding Onto Heritage Homestead - "The best bacon comes from happy pigs!  Preserving Traditions in Vermont Conditions"  Producing heritage: Berkshire, Hampshire, Mangalitsa, Tamworth, Yorkshire, or create your own mix!

Savage Farms - Roger Savage - Miniature Hereford and Hereford crosses.  603-303-1814

If a helmet has been involved in a crash or dropped onto hard ground, it should not be used!

Buying Helmets! - Avalon is an IRH Equestrian helmet dealer.  Check out their website and we can order for you exactly what you want.  If they have the helmet in stock, it takes usually 4 business days to get it after ordering.  Be sure to ask what our current price is!  

Most manufacturers say that helmets stored in climate controlled conditions are only good for 5 years, and helmets that experience temperature fluxuations, just 3 years.  Check the manufacturer information for your helmet. 

Here is a "how a helmet should fit" video.  Whatever helmet you choose, it needs to fit correctly.  

Avalon will not let riders use poorly fitting or old helmets.