Horsemanship Lessons

Recreational Horseback Riding

Fun, Safe, Affordable!

All riders groom and tack up (with help as needed), and put their horse up at the end of the lesson.  All lessons are offered from a balanced seat perspective, both English and Western.

Little Buckaroo program for the smallest enthusiasts, usually ages 5 to 7.   They have help grooming and tacking up and ride on a line for safety.  4 for $140  or $40 each

New Rider package - includes instruction in grooming and tacking up.  four ½ hour private lessons including helmet rental $110  For the first 4 lessons only.

Independent riders - usually ages 8 and older - all riders start with private 1/2 hour lessons until they are capable of stopping and steering independently at the walk and trot.

Independent riders

Equestrian Development

Encourages all aspects of equestrian learning!

Designed to immerse the rider in the equestrian world, and develop them towards an equestrian professional.  

$350 per month Includes: